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You've been selling online for a while now, but you know it's time to diversify and grow your income.

You're ready to not be so dependent on thrift stores.

You're ready for new and exciting, high-value inventory (that you don't have to pay gobs for!).

With the kit, you'll get everything you need to successfully add a consignment component to your business, so you can diversify and grow your reselling income.

The Ultimate Consignment Starter Kit makes it quick and easy to get up and running with consignment!

Here's what's included:

  1. Consignment Roadmap
  2. Profit Boost Workshop: Adding Consignment To Your Reselling Business
  3. Swipe File To Get Consignment Clients
  4. Social Media Images To Get Consignment Clients
  5. Swipe File To Discuss Details With Potential Clients
  6. Consignment Agreement Template
  7. Inventory & Sales Log

Inside The Ultimate Consignment Starter Kit, you'll get...


Consignment Roadmap

Your guide to using to using the kit. You'll get a clear path to follow that will take you from the first steps through to signing your first client!


Profit Boost Workshop: Adding Consignment To Your Reselling Business

In this 30-minute, action-packed workshop, you'll learn:

  1. How to get high-value items (so you make more, even after paying your consignors).
  2. 3 easy steps to get started with consignment so you aren't dependent on just thrifting or garage sales!
  3. Must-haves for your consignment agreement so you make what you deserve!


Swipe File To Get Consignment Clients


Letting friends and family know you're offering consignment doesn't have to be scary!

With this swipe file, you'll get the exact words to use to showcase the amazing service you're providing! 


  1. Feel confident letting friends and family know you're offering consignment.
  2. Get high-ticket consignment inventory all year long.
  3. Have them begging for your services!


Social Media Images To Get Consignment Clients

Make the most of your swipe file by adding images to your posts. You'll get 24 professionally-designed images so you can:

  1. Grab the attention of potential clients.
  2. Get consignment clients, so you can diversify your reselling business!


Swipe File To Discuss Details With Clients 

Discussing things like your commission doesn't have to be awkward. This swipe file will give you the exact words!

The swipe file will help you:

  1. Showcase your services so clients feel comfortable consigning with you.
  2. Get rid of the awkwardness of discussing things like your commission.
  3. Gives your client the next step to take to consign with you.


Consignment Agreement Template

Ready to start taking consignment, but not sure how to word an agreement, or what to include?

Just plug in your info to the consignment agreement template, and you'll be ready to go with your first consignment client in a jiffy!

The template will help you:

  1. Have your consignment agreement ready to go in 5 minutes.
  2. Quit wondering what to say (it's all done for you!)

    Inventory & Sales Log Spreadsheet

    When you've got your first client, this spreadsheet will help you log their inventory as well as calculate your earnings!

    The spreadsheet will help you: 

    1. Have one place to log your inventory and track your sales.
    2. Have a document that you can give your client that outlines the items on consignment and the prices expected.
    3. Always know where you are at for your earnings (they are automatically calculated for you!)


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